Day Forty-five (M, 110214) — Second Workout A

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So today was my second Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders).  Like the previous two workouts, it felt darn good to be back in the gym and to know that I was doing something to get stronger and more fit.

(1) Close-grip pull-down × 7 reps (5/5 count) at machine level 11

Worked to failure and got in 8.1 reps.  Next time I’ll go for level 12.

(2) Machine shoulder press × 7 reps (5/5) at 80 pounds

Failure came at 9.1 reps this time.  Either I got stronger faster than expected (unlikely) or I am still working on finding my “7 rep failure” weight.  Next time, 85 pounds.

Like last time, both exercises felt GREAT!

Next workout will be Workout B (chest & legs) on Thursday.

I hope to get in some running this week but it is going to be tough: between looking for a new car, helping with homeschooling the kids and keeping up the house, and allowing for the vicissitudes of pregnancy, most of my time is already spoken for.  We’ll see if I can manage to put in a mile or three somewhere in there.

(A lot of it will depend on the weather.  If I can find a day that will be dry and over 50 at 4:00 AM, I may get up and go then. Update: looks like tomorrow and Wednesday mornings it will be mid-50s with no rain.  Check back then to see if I managed to get my ass out of bed and get back on the jogging horse, so to speak. ;-))


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, refried beans, Monster, AGG, cinnamon

Lunch: roast chicken breast, mixed veggies, refried beans, AGG


Other food throughout the day: diet coke


3 responses to “Day Forty-five (M, 110214) — Second Workout A

  1. Dear John: I wonder if getting all fancy with recipes is the culprit–at least in my case, I seem to not be dropping weight/fat as fast as I’d like. (6 weeks in and only 8 lbs down.) I absolutely love to eat marvelous tasting food and will slave for hours in a kitchen to make something that is normally mediocre wonderfully sublime with a few tweaks, seasonings and TLC. But all the extras (tomato sauces, onions, sweeteners, etc) are probably adding up. I dunno. It’s hard to ferret out what causes the stalls.
    Anyway, I have decided that this is a long term solution for me, not just another diet attempt & fail. So the fact that it’s not “melting” away quickly is ok with me. I’m certainly not gaining and my clothes do feel much looser. I’ll take that for now. I console myself with the notion that cutting sugar/dairy and grains from my diet and focusing on veggies and grass fed protein & healthy oils can be NOTHING BUT GOOD in the long run.
    My lowest so far is 8 lbs down, but after cheat day last Saturday, picked up 3 again. Discouraging yes, but not enough to throw up my hands by any means. I might try a STRICT STRICT STRICT week (no fancy recipes) just to test this theory. In the meantime-carry on!!!!!
    Enjoy your posts and transparency about how everything is going.
    Sincerely, CarenL

    • You know, Caren. I had not considered that. I’ll have to think about it and see if I believe that might be my problem.

      On first blush, I don’t think so. The recipes I use are pretty straightforward low carb/slow carb fare, so far as I can tell. The main difference from my Atkins days being the addition of legumes. I don’t add artificial sweeteners to my recipes. Look, for example, at my BBQ sauce. No sweeteners of any kind. True, it has tomato sauce and onions, but no sweeteners. Tomatoes are allowed on the diet and, when I use the sauce, I don’t use much of it; a couple of tablespoons, I would think.

      But I will need to look more closely before I make a determination. You may well be right.

      Thank you for the tip, Caren. Have a great one! =)

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