Day Forty-four (Su, 110213) — Trying to Fix a Stall

Well, after yesterday’s disappointing weigh in, I’m officially stalled.  No weight lost since January 22.  Up and down a pound or two but nothing lost overall. Ditto BF%, BF#, and Total Inches.

Counting yesterday from last week’s numbers, my weight went up a pound+, my BF stayed essentially the same and my measurements went down ever so slightly.

Putting the best possible spin on this and we get a picture where I gained some muscle and lost some fat (though it was only a small amount in each direction).  Unspinning it, we get a tale of inaccurate scales and body impedance fat measurement.

I’m not sure which I believe.

To try and change things up, I am going to make the following adjustments to my program:

  1. Add vegetables — I have been skipping them for breakfast and some other meals.
  2. Add protein — I am getting peckish between meals.  Solution: eat more of the right stuff when I eat.
  3. Stop snacking on Atkins bars — I’ve been eating about one per day and will not buy more when this box runs out (two bars left).
  4. Drink more water — I have been slipping on my half-liter of water in the morning and need to add some during the day, too.

Hopefully, these small changes will make a difference.

Plus, my policosanol should be here soon.  We’ll see if maybe it helps.  To date, all I’ve used is AGG.


I’ve added a new blog to my blogroll — Waist and Taste — “Suzie’s guide to 20-something body image, weight loss, and healthy happy living.”  Check it out.  Some great food porn there. =)


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, refried beans, salsa, diet coke

Lunch: Chicken a la parilla con frijoles refritos y pico de gallo, diet coke

Dinner: pinto beans and sausage with salsa

Other food throughout the day: roast beef with Low Carb BBQ Sauce, diet root beer, salami


2 responses to “Day Forty-four (Su, 110213) — Trying to Fix a Stall

  1. stay with it man. The weight didnt all get there in a month, so be patient.
    Adding more water is good. up to 2 gallons a day. Also, if you aren’t already. Do a run in the AM two hours before your first meal.

    • I used to run in the morning when it was warmer. I plan to return to this schedule in a month or so when it is warm enough.

      For now, I am exercising at the gym according to the 4HB program (schedule, exercises, and sets). I hope this might add some muscle. If that works, I am not too worried about losing weight so much as redistributing it.

      Thanks for the encouragement. =)

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