Day Thirty-five (F, 110204) — SNOW! Again. Damnit.

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Well, I got my Super Cissus today.  I’ll use it for the first time on Sunday (my next cheat day).  Yes, Saturday is normally my cheat day but Sunday is my eldest daughter’s birthday party so I am saving it for then.

I got it from eBay dealer VitaMaker for $28.95 with no shipping or handling.  It’s the same USP Super Cissus RX I saw everywhere else.  Regardless of whether or not the Cissus works as Tim claims, VitaMaker was a first class seller with good communication (including tracking number and link) and fast (USPS Priority) shipping.

(I left my positive feedback for him Feb-04-11 18:11, just before I updated this post.)


Working from home today — got some snow last night:


Breakfast 1: 500 ml ice water, 3 eggs over medium, refried beans, sausage, Monster, AGG

Breakfast 110204

FRIED eggs =)

Late Lunch: Cabana bowl from Taco Cabana — black beans, steak, lettuce, salsa, pico, diet Snapple

Dinner: Sausage and sauerkraut, salad with just lettuce and Ken’s Steakhouse Northern Italian Lite dressing, Route 44 Diet Limeade from Sonic, AGG

Dinner 110204

Sausage, sauerkraut, salad, diet limeade

Other items eaten today: Coke Zero, some almonds,

Exercise: none


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