Day Thirty-three (W, 110202) — New Blog Resource, Sick, & Week Five

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Found a new blog today with lots of great tips on 4HB and other stuff:

Check out his posts on things like How to take a Cold Shower, 4 Hour Body Fat Loss Example Meal Plan, and How to Save Money with Amazon.  Great stuff!


Been sick for a couple of days now.  Still eating 4HB but not as much as normal.  Just not been hungry.  May help with weight loss though I doubt I’ll go looking for other sick folks to keep up this particular regimen.

One of the main things it that it has sapped all my energy.  The mere thought of exercising has made me queasy.  BUT . . . tonight I am going to get back to it come Hell or high water.

It may take me an hour to do my three simple exercises but damnit, I’m going to do it.


This is week five.  Hopefully, I’ll lose a good bit this week.  Between being sick and Tim’s suggestion that the weeks after Week 4 are good for those of us over 40, I am unfortunately setting my expectation high for this week.  I know I shouldn’t but I really looking forward to seeing a darn good number come Saturday morning.

I guess I’ll have to work on my psychology just in case things don’t go well.  Om mani padme hum!  😉


Breakfast 1: 500 ml ice water, 3 scrambled eggs, refried beans, perfect bacon, sausage, AGG

Lunch: Slow Carb 4HB Chicken Tortilla Soup, avocado, Monster

Lunch 110202

Tortilla Soup and avocado . . . a match made in Heaven =)

Dinner: Chili’s sirloin with double broccoli

Chili’s did a great bit of marketing today…my wife is on their mailing list and today she got an email that said “School is closed. We’re open. Kids eat free.”

Chili's coupon

Kids eat free

It was good for today only but it showed that they (a) understand the situation their customers are in and (b) offer a helping hand/discount.

Worked on us.  Smart marketing.

Other food throughout the day: one coffee w/ ½ & ½ and 1 Truvia, one can tuna with mayo and pickles

Exercise: crunches, cat vomits, and swings


2 responses to “Day Thirty-three (W, 110202) — New Blog Resource, Sick, & Week Five

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that half-and-half is half Cream and half Milk – you may want to just stick with eating cream, since milk is a no-no on the plan.

    • I used to use cream all the time but, since I started 4HB, I usually just go black: no cream, no sweetener. Since I am still feeling a bit sick today, I wanted to indulge myself a bit. 😉

      But you are right: if you’re gonna whiten your coffee, use the good stuff! =D

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