Day Twenty-nine (Sa, 110129) – The Tough Mudder in Austin (on a cheat day!)

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Today’s the day: Tough Mudder Austin! I am so excited. =)

I’ll post and review and some pics later (if I can get any).

UPDATE: A couple of pics from the Mudder.

Before the Mud

Before the Mud

Mud Helmet

Hard as a rock mud helmet

Sorry but my full body post-race pic got eaten by the aether.

So, how’d I do?  Ten miles plus a little but, twenty obstacles (of which I completed 17.5), all in 3:20.  I had a blast and was proud that I made it ten miles, having never gone that far before.

I did my weights and measurements yesterday.  Click here to see how things went last week. Short story: up less than half a pound.  Wish it were better but no worries.

Breakfast: Van’s Organic waffle with butter (pretty darn tasty), Monster, a cookie, a pop-tart, some N.O.Explode my friend gave me

Snack: a PayDay right before the race started; does a warm Doq Equis after the race count as a “snack”? some “Athlete’s Honey Milk” (whatever the heck that is) which was free after the race

Lunch: a small BBQ sandwich on the way back to Austin plus some Funyuns

Dinner: Bontanas platter at La Feria Mexican restaurant (nachos, queso, stuffed jalapeños, chicken flautas)

Other food throughout the day: dark chocolate Amy’s Ice Cream with a Heath bar mix in, a diet soda or two,

Exercise: you’re kidding right?


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