Day Twenty-eight (F, 110128) – Weighing in Early

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Heading down to Austin to run in the Tough Mudder tomorrow.

I weighed myself today since I won’t get the chance tomorrow.  See my Weights & Measurements page for my results so far.  The bottom line?  Up 0.7 pounds; of that, 0.35 was fat.  That means the other 0.35 was muscle or water.  I’m ok with that.  Wish it were more but I’ll live.

(Especially since I am going to run a 10 mile obstacle course tomorrow which ought to have a nice effect on my weight. =)


Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, scrambled eggs, sausage, mixed veggies, refried beans, Monster, AGG

Breakfast 110128

The usual suspects



Other food throughout the day: diet soda

Bedtime supplements: AG


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