Day Twenty-three (Su, 110123) – Thoughts on Cheat Day

As with everything else on the web, please realize that my notes reflect my personal experience and opinion thereon.  YMMV . . . and that’s a good thing.*

A few thoughts on Cheat Days, weighing in, physiology, and psychology.

  1. Practical reason: I weigh myself once per week — the morning of cheat day prior to eating anything. Why?  Two main reasons: it’s been a full week since the last cheat day so my weight loss will (theoretically) be at its maximum and also because, by weighing myself only once per week, I keep my focus on the process and the long-term success rather than the vagaries of day-to-day fluctuations.
  2. Physiological reason: I do take the cheat day.  I have done, really done other diets and programs before and all, without fail, plateaued at some point.  My body wants to be heavier.  It does its best to get there, whether I help or not.  I believe that my body adapts to the new pattern and figures out that, “OK, he’s gonna give me this sort of input, if I wanna survive, I have to shift to processing things in ‘new way abc’ to keep things like I want.”  By cheating, I (metaphorically) confuse it and it stops adapting, reasoning that perhaps it was wrong to have identified the new pattern and how best to counteract it.  By tossing it something totally random and out of the new norm every week, I keep it guessing and give the rest of the diet and exercise a better chance to work.
  3. Psychological reason: If I weighed in the day after a cheat day, I feel I’d be undoing the psychological benefits I get from it.  If I thought that my cheat days were wholly undermining my success, I would not be able to continue this program.  Day upon day of nothing but chicken breasts and beans would drive me crazy if there were no hope of relief in sight.  Or, I might come to dread the succor these days provide and felt bad about them.

Stop it. Enjoy it.  Realize that, yes, it does mean you won’t lost 5-10 every week.  Then realize that it also means that you be able to lose 2-4 pounds for a hell of a lot more weeks than you could otherwise stomach such a routine.

Here endeth the sermon. I’ll put the soapbox back in the cupboard.

Last note for today . . . I ran 7.77 miles this afternoon.  First run in a month (not counting the 1.5 miles I did on 1/1).

The good news: my knee did not hurt!  Yippee!  I guess taking a month off allowed it to heal enough that easy running was not a problem. =)

The better news: I truly feel ready for the Tough Mudder in Austin next weekend. It may take me three hours to run 10 miles and go over / under / around / through +/- 20 obstacles but, damnit, I’m ready! =D

Now back to your regularly scheduled boring ass recitation of what I ate today….

Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, Denny’s Grand Slam with four eggs over medium, 2 link sausages, refried beans, AGG

Lunch: sauerkraut and sausage, AGG

Dinner: Pork loin with kosher salt, garlic, dried onion, roasted red peppers (aka pimientos), mushrooms, lime juice, and a hint of parmesan/asiago/romano cheese mix , AGG

Not my best knife work, but it'll do

All the good stuff that went in

Pork Loin with Garlic and Lime Juice

Cook until internal temperature reaches 155°; remove from oven; cover with foil; temperature will carry over to 165° during the 10 minutes you let it rest.  Cut and serve. =)

One last tip: Cooking spray is your friend.  Before I seasoned the inside, I sprayed it with cooking spray (aka plain old vegetable oil).  Ditto the outside before I coated it with kosher salt.

Exercise: 75 kettlebell swings, 15 myototic crunches, 15 cat vomit exercises

A quick note about kettlebell swings: I had been trying to do fewer sets by doing more swings per set up to 75.  Best I did was two sets of 45 and 30.  the problem was that by the time I was hitting the last 10 or so swings in each set, my form sucked.  I think I was risking my back and nullifying the benefits I was supposed to be receiving from the reps to begin with.

Sooooo . . . I decided to go back to 3, 25-rep sets and focus on getting my form s correct as I possibly could.  I felt better and think I got more out of it.

Other: 1 glass shiraz-cabernet

* If two people feel, think, and believe the same way about everything, one of them is unnecessary.


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