Day Twenty (R, 110120) – Peanut Butter

Tried the pre-made breakfast this morning. Worked all right. Much easier but eggs are still getting old having them every single day for breakfast…..

So I have a few questions for my fellow 4HBers:

  1. Do you eat peanut butter on the diet (i.e. not only during cheat days/meals)?
  2. If not, does Ferris mention it anywhere? I can’t find it.
  3. If so, how much do you eat?
  4. Have you noticed any changes in your results you could attribute to the PB?

Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, 3 scrambled eggs, ham, refried beans, salsa, Monster, AGG

Breakfast 110120

How would 4HBers survive without Beano?

Lunch 1: two chicken breasts, mixed veggies, AGG, Diet Mtn Dew

Lunch 110120

With chipotle mayo...mmmmmm =)

Dinner:2 hard boiled eggs, some peanut butter, some SF jello, AGG

Other food throughout the day: not much

Bedtime supplements:


2 responses to “Day Twenty (R, 110120) – Peanut Butter

  1. Hi John–good luck with 4hb! I’m on day 20 too and I haven’t had any peanut butter, although it is mentioned in the book in the Q&A finer points of the Slow-Carb Diet chapter under the heading of “What should I eat for snacks” (my Kindle doesn’t give me page #’s – sorry!)
    He says that if one has headaches or symptoms of low blood sugar from the diet, it’s because peeps aren’t eating enough calories and they may supplement with a snack of carrots. If they have sleeplessness due to hunger, he advises supplementing with almond butter or peanut butter right before bed, but cautions that peanut butter is like “crack” to the ladies so just a tbls or 2, not half a jar!
    So it seems indicated for a specific situation. It would definitely be a “domino” food for me, so I’m going to just avoid it to stay safe.
    Again, good luck with 4HB. I’m enjoying reading everybodies daily updates! It encourages me to stay the course!

    • You know, I thought I remembered a mention of PB in the book but I just couldn’t find it. Thanks Caren! =)

      (BTW — if you happen to be blogging about your experience online, let me know and I’ll put a link to you in my sidebar.)

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