Day Eighteen (T, 110118)

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Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, 4 scrambled eggs, refried beans, salsa, Monster, AGG

Lunch: two grilled chicken breasts, grilled veggies, tomato and cucumber salad, two slices of bacon and a Cherry Coke Zero, AGG

Lunch 110118

chicken breasts, veggies, salad

Dinner: Chicken breast, black beans, mixed veggies, Louisiana hot sauce, water, AGG

Other food throughout the day: one coffee with Sweet’N Low, Diet A&W Root Beer, one Atkins bar

Bedtime supplements: AG


2 responses to “Day Eighteen (T, 110118)

  1. I’m impressed that you can just get to the computer every day. I’m losing that battle.

    Question: Are you using the ice water to shrink your stomach so you feel more full or are you like me and have a problem with warmer water?

    Jaime Buckley

    • Actually, the ice water is my nod to Ferris’ theory that cold helps weight loss.

      Ferris spend a good bit of time talking about it in his book. To sum up: cold seems to help your body shed pounds faster.

      He suggests different options for achieving this goal: cold showers, ice water, exposure to cold outside, cold packs before bed, etc.

      For a taste of what the book says about weight loss and weight gain, check out the PDF reference guide that can be found on the audiobook page for the book.

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