Day Fifteen (Sa, 110115) – Cheat Day!

Taking the day to eat whatever I want.  First, weight and measurements.  Here are my results from last week.

Average weight (three trials): 218.0 (-2)
Average bodyfat % (three trials): 28.2 (-0.2%)
Average bodyfat pounds (three trials): 61.47 (-1.45)

Upper arm (right): 14 (0.5)
Upper arm (right): 14 (0.5)
Waist as navel: 41.25 (-0.75)
Hips at widest point: 43 (-1.0)
Right thigh: 25 (-1.0)
Left thigh: 25.5 (-0.5)

Total inches: 164.5 (-2.5)

Down a few inches overall but only down 2 pounds and 0.2%.  Still, I’m down and feeling pretty good. =)

(Update: I forgot to take my pictures yesterday.  I’ll do it pre-cheat day next week. ;-))

Nora, Julia, and I went to Waffle House for breakfast.

Breakfast: coffee (one cup with 1/2 pack Splenda and a half-and-half), two eggs over medium, two slices of buttered toast, hash browns (smothered, covered, chunked, and country!), waffle, 3 bacon.

Breakfast 110115

As Ken has said before, eating lots of carbs makes him feel tired and slow.  I agree.  But they taste so damn good. =O

I did use the grapefruit juice and exercise tricks so we’ll see how well that works.

UPDATE: Not very well.  I just took a nap.  An almost involuntary one.  The sleepies hit me HARD about two hours after breakfast and I just thought “I’ll just lay down for a second….”  Riiiiight.  That didn’t work out as planned.  That was two hours ago.

What a waste.

(No . . . I’m not anti-nap.  Just this one seemed very much food-induced rather than caused by fatigue.)

Lunch 1: Pizza Hut Medium Supreme pizza, pan crust, three slices

Pizza Hut Medium half cheese half Supreme

Pizza Hut Medium half cheese half Supreme

Dinner: Monster Burger from Flaming Burger, fries.

Flaming Burger Monster

Double meat, double cheese, bacon all the fixins

Flaming burger compares well to Jake’s and tastes a lot like it.  Good flavor, good size, LOTS of poppy seeds on the house made buns (top AND bottom).  Fries were acceptable hand cut variety, nothing special. Kids liked the corny dogs.  The wife really liked the Chicken Club sandwich which was huge for a chicken sandwich. Overall rating 4 out of 5.

(It would have been 4.5 out of 5 except that the bounce house place next door was BOOMING bad Tejano music so loud I could barely hear myself think.  If I were Flaming Burger, I’d be looking for a way out of my lease……)

Other food throughout the day: 1 Oreo, 2 Twinkies, various diet drinks, a bit of popcorn, 1 Twix, ice cream

Bedtime supplements: AGG


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