Day Fourteen (F, 110114) – An Omelette Lesson

Don’t you just love it when you set an alarm to go off really early for something important, then accidentally forget to turn it off for the next day when you don’t need to get up an hour earlier than usual?  Fun fun fun.

Actually, while that did happen, at least I am in a good mood.

Kids slept in a tent in the living room last night so I had to be extra quiet this morning as I got ready for work.  So I decided to skip making breakfast at home and eat on the road.  I wanted to find a Waffle House but no joy.  Denny’s was the answer, of course.

Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, Monster, AGG, coffee (two cups with 1/2 pack Sweet’N Low each and just a hint of half-and-half), Denny’s Ultimate Omelette (three eggs with sausage, bacon, fire-roasted peppers and onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and shredded Cheddar cheese).

Had them hold the cheese, the hash browns, and the toast and instead add a fourth egg for no extra charge.  And I made sure to ask for real eggs.

WARNING: If you eat at Denny’s doing slow carb/low carb dieting, be sure to ask for real eggs. Both Denny’s and IHOP add pancake batter to their omelettes to make them fluffier and sweeter.

Denny's Breakfast 110114

No hash browns, no toast, made with 4 REAL eggs

Want to make a great one yourself? Watch Julia Child make an omelette. =)

Lunch: Tortilla Soup, Atkins vanilla shake, AGG

Lunch 110114

Tortilla soup (more of a stew, actually)

Dinner: Sauerkraut and sausage, diet DP

Other food throughout the day: —-

Bedtime supplements: AGG


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