Day Ten (M, 110110)

Notes: Found an interesting blog you might enjoy if you are looking for tips about following a 4HB diet: Ken Nelson is cataloging his experience, with pictures and tips.

Breakfast: 500 ml ice water, 4 hard boiled eggs, Monster, AGG

I just couldn’t take the thought of eating the beans and mixed veggies this morning.  So I upped my egg count by one and hope that’ll work out.

Lunch: chicken breast, mixed veggies, black beans, Cherry Coke Zero, water, AGG

Lunch 2: a leftover chocolate Slim Fast low carb diet shake

Dinner: Taco salad (lettuce, a bit of Ken’s Northern Italian lite dressing, taco meat, black beans, Texas Texas salsa, and avocado), water, AGG

Other food throughout the day: coffee with cinnamon, one glass Shiraz

Bedtime supplements: AGG (I am waiting for my policosanol to arrive to add it to the final supplements of the day)


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