Day Five (W, 110105)

Well, one big difference between this diet and a standard low-carb diet (e.g. Atkins) is that, on Atkins, my cravings for sweets went away after I reached ketosis.

With this “slow carb” diet, I expect that it is working, but I still have to fight the urges.  Time to make some sugar-free jello, I guess. 😉

No pics today.

Breakfast: .5 liter ice water, mixed veggies, three hard-boiled eggs, black beans, Monster zero-cal drink, and supplements

Lunch: chicken breast, mixed veggies, black beans, salsa, (no supplements because I forgot them at home)

Dinner: one egg, taco salad (meat, lettuce, black beans, roasted Serrano salsa, avocado), supplements

Other food or drink: one cup of coffee, lots of water, 2 glasses of Merlot before bed tonight

Exercise: none tonight


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